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Jan's Corner

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Oct-03 Pachyonychia Congenita??
Oct-03 PC Diagnosis
Nov-03 Sore Feet/Painful Feet
Nov-03 Juan & Beto (crutches)
Dec-03 Balancing Life With PC
Dec-03 PC Project Goals
Jan-04 Day-to-Day Care
Jan-04 Pain vs. 'Unsightly Nails'
Feb-04 "So...Did they find a cure?"
Feb-04 People Who Care
Mar-04 Big Brother
Mar-04 Doctor Visits
Apr-04 Spring Break
May-04 Genetic Testing
May-04 Infected Nails
Jul-04 Positive Aspects of PC
Aug-04 Back to School
Sep-04 The world has shrunk
Nov-04 School Bus: Problem Resolved
Dec-04 My Favorite Shoes
Dec-04 Merry Christmas! 
Jan-05 The Kiddos
Feb-05 I'm Slow
Mar-05 Grand Rounds
Apr-05 Wicking Socks!
May-05 Summertime...
Jun-05 Understanding PC
Jul-05 Uncle!
Aug-05 Limericks
Sep-05 Biking
Jan-06 Happy New Year 2006!
Feb-06 Discovering PC Project
Mar-06 Burning Feet
Jun-06 Still Learning about PC
Aug-06 Children with PC
Sep-06 Back to School
Oct-06 RNA Interference
Dec-06 Christmas Shopping
Jan-07 Happy New Year 2007!
Feb-07 Frustrated
Mar-07 Comparing with Others
Apr-07 Changes
May-07 IPCC Meeting
Jun-07 Patient Support Meeting
Jul-07 After all, we're family
Aug-07 Josh Groban
Sep-07 More Changes
Oct-07 A rare disease can be inconvenient
Nov-07 Thanksgiving
Jan-08 Taking a Break
Aug-08 I'm Back!
Sep-08 Back to School... again
Oct-08 Back to School... For me!
Nov-08 Fall Weather
Dec-08 Different is OK
Jan-09 Happy New Year 2009!
Feb-09 Busy, busy, busy.
Apr-09 Spring Snow
May-09 Empathy
Jun-09 What They CAN Do
Aug-09 The Weather
Sep-09 Patient Support Meeting
Oct-09 Vacation Choices
Dec-09 Holiday Time PC Survival
Dec-09 Coping with PC     
Jan-10 Happy New Year 2010!
Feb-10 A True Love Story for Valentine's Day
Mar-10 PC Pain
Apr-10 Life Is Good
May-10 Fast, Faster, Fastest
Sep-10 Summer 2010
Nov-10 The Advantage of a Wheelchair
Dec-10 Christmas 2010
Mar-11 Getting Old
Jun-11 Springtime 2011
Jul-11 Vacation Worries
Sep-11 Back To School
Nov-11 It Could Be Worse
Dec-11 Count Your Blessings
Jan-12 PC Keeps Me Guessing
Jun-12 Summertime
Dec-12 A Tribute To My Dad