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Physician Quarterly Webmeeting, August 2012
Inherited Nail Disorders by Eli Sprecher, MD, PhD

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        Living With Pain        Becoming An Informed Partner   Caring for PC - Keratoderma    Caring for PC - Nails

   Part 1 PC Phenotype 2004     Part 2 PC Genotype 2004  Part 3 Question & Answer 2004       Part 4 Care 2004

    Why is Pain Important?            What is PC? 2011 Short             What is PC? 2011                     What is PC? 2009

         Science & Reserch                       DNA & RNA                           Healthline PC Project                siRNA Clinical Trial

           PC Genetics                              PC Exercise Video                        Time = Lives                               Nail Infection

           Dawn to Dusk                ThickSkin Duathlon 2013            ThickSkin Duathlon 2012         Embarrassing Bodies          

The World of Keratins           PC Golf Tournament 2013   

Presenter Date YouTube Link
Alessio, Helaine PSM 2009 PC Exercise Video      Core Training intoduction pdf
Eliason, Mark PSM 2009 Living With Pain: A Discussion
Hansen, C. David PSM 2011 Becoming An Informed Partner with your Physician
Hansen, C. David et al PSM 2004 Section 1 - Introduction - PC Phenotype 
Hansen, C. David et al PSM 2004 Section 2 - Introduction - PC Genotype 
Hansen, C. David et al PSM 2004 Section 3 - Questions and Answers 
Hansen, C. David et al PSM 2004 Section 4 - Care 
Hickerson, Robyn PSM 2009 DNA and RNA
Hoggart, Barbara PSM 2011 Why Is Pain Important?
Hull, Peter PSM 2011 What Is Pachyonychia Congenita?
Kaspar, Roger PSM 2011 Basic Science & Translational Research
Leachman, Sancy PSM 2009 What Is Pachyonychia Congenita?
McLean, Irwin PSM 2008 Dawn to Dusk
PC Project 2009 Caring For PC - Keratoderma
PC Project 2009 Caring For PC - Nails
PC Project 2012 Healthline - Pachyonychia Congenita Project
PC Project 2013 3rd Annual PC Charity Golf Tournament
Richard, Gabriele PSM 2011 The World of Keratins
Schwartz, Janice PSM 2008 siRNA Clinical Trial: A Patient's Viewpoint
Schwartz, Mary 2012 FasterCures Time = Lives Story
Smith, Frances PSM 2011 What is PC - Short Clip
Smith, Frances PSM 2011 PC Genetics
TransDerm 2013 How to Make A MicroNeedle by Paul Gabrielsen
TransDerm 2013 2013 ThickSkinDuathlon
TransDerm 2012 2012 ThickSkin Duathlon
Urban, Christopher PSM 2011 What is Infection? Nail Infections
UK Channel 4 2012 Embarrassing Bodies - Pachyonychia Congenita